-As a skateboarder in my younger years the more scrapes you had, the harder you tried, less scrapes you had the better you had become.

The same goes for nature, the less scrapes the earth has the more it thrives.
When every person on earth understand our future problems, Scrape can vanish, we are in a true sense established to just vanish, that is a good thing!


-I see myself as a curios and hard working person with a strong motivation to change things in a new direction for our future.

-I hope that if humans are capable of doing negative harm on this planet we are also capable to make it better if we want and try.

Edward Johansson
Founder Scrape Agency



After seeing the fashion industry from the inside I felt a strong need to try to understand where we are heading in this extreme consumerism where some have everything and some have nothing.

After delving into these issues and needing help in my consumption anxiety, circular design came as a positive method. As the knowledge of circular design increased, someone told me:

-However you design, you must use energy!

-Energy? I said: -We'll get from solar…

Then we can expand nuclear power...

However, after I delved into the energy issue, it emerged that our current industrial society in which humanity now lives, is impossible without fossil energy. This is due to their extremely high energy density and their high EROI (Energy Return On Invested), which cannot be replaced by renewable energy for continued industrial progress.

What is now needed in the future (0-150 years) is not sustainability, as sustainability can never be achieved with a population of 8 billion that is constantly chasing to get bigger on a finite planet!

In this situation we only can be more sustainable, never sustainable. And that's is a big difference!

What is now needed is resilience to the structural changes that will come when the decline in fossil fuels starts to become a reality.

In this very special time when man is paralyzed by technology, it is important to remember that the greatest things in life are free. All people are in some kind of vulnerability and when we need to change our lifestyle some will show resistance to those.

The most important thing then is to show understanding and respect if we are going to cope with this enormous challenge we face.

The world needs less hate and more understanding

in this time of change.

"To discuss humanity's challenges for the future with Edward is always a fruitful experience. His knowledge on energy issues and their complex connection to proposed sustainable solutions, such as the circular economy, is mind bending."

Tobias Jansson

“Great attitude, mature and considered. Articulate. Attention to detail, motivated. Team player. A creative future in a design position in a forward thinking fashion brand.”

Debbie Luffman Director, Finisterre. UK.

"Edward is passionate about and has great insight into brand strategy and brand building."

Stefan Bencker

Product manager footwear, Tiger of Sweden.

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and is based in Borås, Sweden.


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