Scrape Agency arranges a series of lectures for people that work in different positions and needs information about sustainability and what you can do as a company.

We meet 4 days with 3 h per meeting. 

1. ENERGY.  




With help of this lectures you get a good start to begin to understand the sustainability issue and learn to think critical of what you can do.

You grasp the whole picture and start thinking for future sustainable development for your company.

We are around 10-15 persons every time so it gets easier to discuss between participants.

The course is at Textile Fashion Center in Borås.

Books are included in the program to further reading and understanding.

In the price is also a lunch included at the Textile Fashion Center that you can enjoy after the lectures.

The next course starts October 2021 and for more information send me a email.

“As man becomes conscious of

the stupendous laws that govern the

universe in perfect harmony,

he begins to realize how small he is.

This is the beginning of

cosmic religion within him…

The soul given to each of us is

moved by the same living spirit that

moves the universe.”

-Albert Einstein